Ector County Independent School District

ECISD-Provided Life:

ECISD provides all ful time employees with $10,000 of life insurance through Sun Life. Employees are automatically enrolled when they complete a Medical Plan enrollment form. Beneficiaries are designated on that form.
  • Continued Benefits and Premium Waiver Notice:

Optional Life Benefits

  • Sun Supplemental Life - This benefit for additional employee life insurance is available to new full-time employees for up to $500,000, up to $150, 000 with no evidence of insurability. Existing full-time employee must provide evidence of insurability to add or increase this coverage.
  • Sun Dependent Life - This benefit is for life insurance for the dependent of full-time employees. Spouses and children may be covered in various options as allowed.
  • Texas Life - Individual life is available to full time employees, their spouses, children and grandchildren for long-term and/or permanent needs.


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