Pease Elementary

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 2015 - 2016
School Nurse: Becky Galvan, RN
Eileen Carrasco, CNA
 Pease Elementary (456-5580)
 Crockett Middle School (456-0459) 
  • If a student arrives after 7:45a.m., the student will be marked tardy.
  • If the student arrives before 8:15, they are to report directly to their classroom and receive their tardy pass from their teacher.
  • If a student arrives after 8:15, they must report to the office and to receive their tardy pass to class. A student will not receive a Perfect Attendance Award if he/she has more than one tardy (district policy.)
  • Absences will be coded "excused" if the parent calls that day and "unexcused" if no call is received. Notesfrom doctors, dentists, etc., are required to be entered in the system within 5 days. It is the parent’s responsibility to send the note to the Pease Attendance Clerk within 5 days. Any student accumulating 10 or more absences will need a physician’s note to have any further absences to be considered excused.
  • If a student leaves before 3:00p.m., it is documented in the district system. A student will not receive a Perfect Attendance Award if he/she leaves early at any time during the nine weeks.
  • Requested assignments/homework will be in the office after 3:00p.m. if the request is made prior to 9:30a.m.
  • Board Policy indicates that students have the number of days absent plus one additional day to turn in completed make-up work. Accepting assignments after that time is at the teacher’s discretion.



-Pests like Head Lice, fleas and ticks are also more evident during cold weather. Discourage your child from sharing hats, scarves, coats, sweaters, ear muffs, etc.Store jackets, sweaters, hats etc in backpack or grocery bag, inside locker when not wearing them. Head lice can be tedious and 100% egg removal is necessary. Treat exactly as directed.
  • Change/wash bed linens weekly.
  • Keep pets clean and treated for fleas and ticks.
  • Avoid sleeping with pets.

Los parásitos, tales como piojos, pulgas y garrapatas, son también más evidentes durante la temporada de invierno. Evite que su hijo comparta gorros, bufandas, abrigos, jerséis, orejeras, etc.

Guarde chaquetas, jerséis, gorros, etc. en una mochila o bolsa de plástico cuando no los utilice. Eliminar los piojos puede ser muy complicado y es necesario eliminar el 100% de los huevos. Realice el tratamiento exactamente como se le indique.

     - Cambie/Lave la ropa de cama semanalmente

     - Mantenga sus mascotas limpias y tratadas contra pulgas y garrapatas.

     - Evite dormir con su mascota.

Asthma and Allergies!!!!   ¡Asma y Alergias!

Asthma is very serious and can be life-threatening. Allergies and other illness can trigger asthma. Make sure your Asthma Action Plan is available for you and a copy is on file in the nurse’s office.

  • Use preventative and inhalers as prescribed BEFORE activity. ATTACKS ARE PREVETABLE!
  • Avoid activity if wheezing, coughing experiencing other discomfort
  • Avoid Triggers! Cold air, humidity, grass, mold, pet dander, SMOKE
  • Stay in cool, not cold, dry, not humid environments as much as possible.
El asma es una enfermedad muy seria y puede llegar a poner su vida en peligro. Las alergias y otras enfermedades pueden desencadenar asma. Asegúrese de que tiene un Plan de Acción contra el Asma y que hay una copia archivada en la oficina de la enfermera. Utilice los medicamentos e inhaladores tal y como le indiquen antes de realizar actividades. ¡LOS ATAQUES SE PUEDEN PREVENIR!  Evite el ejercicio si tiene dificultad respiratoria, tos u otro malestar.  Evite los elementos que desencadenan estas afecciones: aire frío, humedad, hierba, moho, pelo de animales, humo Manténgase en ambientes frecos y secos, no húmedos ni fríos

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