Wilson & Young Medal of Honor Middle School


Welton Blaylock III
Conference 9:27-10:29
Tuesday (8:00-8:20) Wednesday (4:15-4:45) 
Welton Blaylock III is extremely excited to be a part of Wilson and Young as Dance Coach this year! Blaylock is a choreographer, dance cheerleading, and tumbling instructor from Odessa, Texas.  Blaylock choreographed Fats Waller's play, Ain't Misbehavin' for the Permian Playhouse, the choreographer for the Sony group, Brilliante' and the owner/ operator of Shout Cheerleading for over twenty-five years. Blaylock also choreographed a local Hispanic untitled movie out of Odessa in 2000. Blaylock was a National Cheerleading Association Camp Director and  Cheerleading Captain while attending Texas Tech and has been a team member of the National Cheerleading Champion of Texas Tech University, as well as, a high school national gymnast. Welton is a graduate of Texas Tech University, Colorado Technical University,  and Argosy University and  has taught fundamental cheerleading, dance, and tumbling for several years.
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