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Trustees appoint local committee to develop District of Innovation plan

The Ector County ISD Board of Trustees held a public hearing to discuss the idea of the school district applying to become a District of Innovation as passed by the 84th Texas Legislature in 2015 (HB 1842). Below is a recap of the agenda. Trustees Teri Ervin and Carol Gregg were absent.


A.      Two people requested to address the board. First, Blackshear Elementary music teacher Shari Story thanked Trustees for listening to concerns and asking good questions when she spoke at last week’s board meeting. She said she and others felt better about the DOI process after that meeting. Bowie Middle School teacher Chris Bartlett also spoke. He pointed out the DOI concept is still relatively young in Texas and we have lots to learn. He said he also took comfort from the fact the school board talked about adding policy language to protect the plan developed by the local committee. He said all moves made by the school district should be made with best interest of students in mind.


B.      Trustees voted 5-0 to approve the appointment of a Committee to Develop a Local Innovation Plan in Accordance with Section 12A.003 of the Texas Education Code. The committee will be made up of 17 people; 6 teachers, 4 administrators, 5 parents, and 2 representatives from the Education Foundation. Those members are: teachers Shari story, Chris Bartlett, Angela Holland, Olga Garza, Lindsey Lee, and Misty Hiner; parents Rhonda Mitchell, Juan Mendoza, Dawn McCrary, Priscilla Aguila, and Jessica Orosco; Education Foundation director Celeste Potter, Education Foundation president-elect Jeff Woltz, Permian High School principal James Ramage, assistant superintendent of secondary schools Roy Garcia, assistant superintendent of curriculum & instruction Carolyn Gonzalez, and executive director of elementary education Ann McClarty. ECISD director of professional development Brandy Ferrer will be the committee chairperson.


C.      Trustees voted 5-0 to approve a request to Delegate Authority to Superintendent to Notify the Commissioner of Education of the Board's Intent to Vote on Adoption of the Proposed Plan on April 11, 2017.


The meeting adjourned at 5:42 p.m.

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