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  • Ector County Independent School District is dedicated to four non-negotiable principles – Academic Excellence; College & Career Readiness; Safe & Supportive Learning Environments; and Purposeful, Timely, 2-way Communication. 

    ECISD operates two comprehensive 6-A high schools (Odessa High School, which boasts the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, and Permian High School); a New Tech high school specializing in project-based learning with an emphasis on the use of technology and student-directed learning. NTO has gained recognition as a New Tech Network Demonstration School and an Apple Distinguished School; an Advanced Technical Center which offers elective courses that let students embark on college- and career-focused education; and beginning the fall of 2015 two early college high schools located in Odessa’s two institutions of higher learning. OCTECHS at Odessa College is one of just four early college high schools in Texas with a focus on Career & Technical Education, and ECISD Falcon ECHS on the campus of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin; an All-Academic ECHS hoping that kids continue to a bachelor's degree or beyond! 

    ECISD is also committed to AVID, which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. It is a structured, college preparatory program that serves students who are in the middle; typically the B/C students who have the desire and determination to go to college. In spring 2014, Odessa High School earned the designation of National AVID Demonstration School. From 7th through 12th grades AVID is offered as an elective course designed to provide support for students in rigorous curriculum while putting them on a college track. AVID strategies are used in elementary schools, too. Odessa College and the University of Texas of the Permian Basin also use AVID.


Lone Star Governance


    The intention of Lone Star Governance is to provide a continuous improvement model for School Boards, in collaboration with their Superintendents, to focus intensively on one primary objective: Improving Student Outcomes. Lone Star Governance accomplishes this intense focus through the execution of five points of the Texas Framework for School Board Development: Vision, Accountability, Structure, Unity, and Advocacy. 

    Lone Star Governance also provides a system for governing the legal and fiscal responsibilities of the School Board. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has developed an in intensive, two-day workshop for School Board Members and Superintendents to provide a space for governing teams to learn about and prepare for the intense focus on improving student outcomes, as described by the Lone Star Governance implementation integrity instrument (PDF).

    Ector County ISD Lone Star Governance Documents


  • The mission of the ECISD community, a passionate, unified, world class leader in education, is to develop world ready, lifelong learners who discover their unique gifts, achieve personal success, and fuel their community by building unified, comprehensive community support and participation that fosters a standard of excellence; serving as advocate and steward for all students; ensuring relevant teaching, engaged learning and dynamic innovation; and maximizing all available resources.



    1. Each person has inherent worth and unique strengths.

    2. Curiosity and learning are natural and grow without limit given stimulation and nurturing.

    3. People are interdependent.

    4. Each individual has a responsibility to add value to self and community.

    5. Individuals are accountable for their choices and actions.

    6. Education creates opportunity and opportunity creates a better world.

    7. Progress improves and adds value to human life.

    8. Fear limits life's potential; courage inspires living.

    9. There is a difference between right and wrong.

    10. Values learned at home affect a lifetime.

    11. Leadership is influence; everyone is a leader.




    1. We will not compromise excellence.

    2. We will model our beliefs.

    3. We will work as a team.

    4. We will base decisions on what is best for students.

    5. We will protect teaching and learning our priority.

    6. We will recognize and reward success and learn from our mistakes.

    7. We will succeed regardless of any obstacle.




    1. We will ensure learning experiences that are engaging, challenging, and meaningful.

    2. We will provide infrastructure to maximize the success of all students.

    3. We will identify, engage and equip our world class team to accomplish our mission.

    4. We will establish and sustain and interdependent partnership with parents.

    5. We will communicate effectively to serve our mission.

    6. We will model and market our new culture throughout our community to ensure support and participation.




    1. All students will acquire academic and personal skills necessary for personal greatness.

    2. All students will understand and appreciate the value of learning.

    3. All students will invest their unique gifts in their community.

    4. All students will be confident, influential leaders who accept responsibility.

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