Odessa High School

  • Welcome to Odessa High School!

    “Home of the Bronchos”




    1301 N. Dotsy
    Odessa, Texas  79763
    Main Campus Phone:  (432) 456-0029
    Fax:  (432) 456-5264
    Athletic Department:  (432) 456-0200

     Principal:  Mauricio Marquez
    Associate Principal for Operations:  Tony Parris
    Associate Principal for C&I:  Rachel Gerig
    Secretary:  Monica Orona
    Data Clerk: Monica Sanchez
    Welcome Clerk: Roslyn Puertas

    Corral 1 Room 145
    Alpha:   A-B
    (432) 456-0210
    Principal:  Debra Byrd
    Counselor:  Shawneequa Nunez
    Office Clerk: Yecenia Acosta
    Attendance Clerk: Laura Samaniego
    Registrar:  Carolyn Reschman

    Corral 2 Room 151
    Alpha: C-E
    (432) 456-0220
    Principal: Kristi Griffin
    Counselor: Chelsea Reyes
    Office Clerk: Rebeca Aguirre
    Attendance Clerk: Laura Samaniego
    Registrar: Carolyn Reschman

    Corral 3 Room 153
    Alpha: F-Ha
    (432) 456-0230
    Principal: Trisha Montalvo
    Counselor: Jennifer Bowland
    Office Clerk: Jocelyn Gonzalez
    Attendance Clerk: Georgina Guzman
    Registrar: Marisol Aguirre

    Corral 4 Room 234
    Alpha: He-L
    (432) 456-0240
    Principal: Jance Morris
    Counselor: Jaclyn Watson
    Office Clerk: Torielle Pena
    Attendance Clerk: Georgina Guzman
    Registrar: Marisol Aguirre

    Corral 5 Room 517
    Alpha M-N
    (432) 456-0250
    Principal: Dianne Waggoner
    Counselor: Griselda Lujan
    Office Clerk: Alina Corrales
    Attendance Clerk: Michelle Herrera
    Registrar: Juliet Carrera

    Coral 6 Room 617
    Alpha O-Re
    (432) 456-0261
    Principal: Thaddeus McCalister
    Counselor: Richard Fisher
    Office Clerk: Ledin Marquez
    Attendance Clerk: Michelle Herrera
    Registrar: Juliet Carrera

    Corral 7 Room 210
    Alpha Rh-So
    (432) 456-0270
    Principal: Christopher Ortiz
    Counselor: Ivis Ashford
    Office Clerk: Jennifer Chabarria
    Attendance Clerk: Mariah Ramirez
    Registrar: Amalia Labra

     Corral 8 Room 113
    (432) 456-0280
    Principal: Jillian Calvery
    Counselor: Tim Brower
    Office Clerk: Yazmin Tavarez
    Attendance Clerk: Mariah Ramirez
    Registrar: Amalia Labra

    Curriculum Facilitator, ELA: Holly Aguila
    Curriculum Facilitator, Math :Victoria Noreña
    Curriculum Facilitator, Science: Shelly Emiliano

    SAS Counselors:  David Munger, Magaliy Navarrette, Marisela Sample

    College Counselor:  Anjelica Moreno
    IB/AP Coordinator:  Mary Neff
    CTE Counselor: Kirsten Nall

     TPRS Office Room 158
    TPRS Counselor:  Erica Dangerfield
    TPRS Caseworker: Deborah Tavarez
    TPRS Specialist:  Marisela Gonzalez

    Nurses: Marissa Molina & Valerie Chavez (432) 456-5253

    OHS Campus Testing Coordinator: Debra Henderson (432) 456-0024

    Library Media Specialist:  Rebecca Tolbert (432) 456-2054
    Library Clerk:  Juanita Mendoza  (432) 456-5878

    Colors:  Red and White
    Mascot:  Bronchos



  • OHS Bell Schedule

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  • On days when the District has a delayed start because of bad weather OHS will follow this schedule:
    10:00 - 10:20 Report to 2nd period
    10:25 - 11:15 3rd period
    11:20 - 12:10 4th period
    12:15 - 1:05 5th period
    1:10 - 2:00 6th period
    2:05 - 2:35 ***1st period***
    2:40 - 3:30 8th period
    3:35 - 4:25 9th period
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