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    The Botanical Garden at Permian High School!
    The garden is a National Wildlife Federation schoolyard habitat and was established in 1989 by the PHS science department and students. The Botanical Garden represents five geographical regions: Chihuahuan Desert, Odessa, Grasslands, Oak-Juniper Woodland, and the Pine Forest area. Unfortunately, over the years the garden has been left unattended, and guess what...? The garden really grew to extremes and many plants survived while many silently died - no one was watching out for them, caring for them.
    In the spring of 2010, one teacher and her two children decided they would clean the garden in one particular area in fear that she might have a window overlooking the disasterous area. The garden welcomed her and her two young children; that was May 2010 and that single task became a full blown renovation. With the support of several community businesses, the renovation is almost complete. Please see the Sponsor link for these incredible contributors and comment on the appreciation blog.
    The Botanical Garden is expected to re-open in the Fall of 2013 with redesigned trails that are ADA compliant, a patio area courtesy of Pavestone, additional plants, a new greenhouse as an outdoor classroom lab, and two full-scale waterfalls. However, this is only possible with the support of our community...          THANK YOU!!!
    The Botanical Garden is a unique gift that we are excited to share, and we hope to be worthy stewards today and in the future.
    Would you like to visit the garden, bring your class, or make a donation? Please contact Permian High School at 456-0039.
    Would you like to be a Volunteer In Public Schools at the Botanical Garden? Please contact Debbie Rogers at deborah.lieb@ectorcountyisd.org
Last Modified on December 28, 2014