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    Secretary: Crystal Hernandez 

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    Federal and State Compensatory Education funding is supplementary funding allocated to qualifying campuses in an effort to improve and enhance the regular education program. This enables individual campuses to provide a wide range of programs for students in at-risk situations.

    Title I Programs strive to provide supplemental opportunities for children to acquire the knowledge and skills contained in the challenging state content standards TEKS and to meet the challenging state performance standards developed for children.

    State Compensatory Programs and Services are supplemental programs and services designed to improve the regular education program for students in at-risk situations. The purpose is to increase the academic achievement of identified students and to reduce the drop out rate.

    Federal Programs coordinated with and through this Department:

    Title I, Part A Improving Basic Programs Operated by identified school-wide programs and providing homeless students support services on Non Title I school wide campuses
    Title I, Part A Priority Focus Improving Title I school wide, Part A Campuses identified by Texas Education Agency
     Title I, Part C Services coordinated through Region 18
    Title I, Part D, Subpart 2 Prevention and Intervention Programs for Children and Youth Who Are Neglected, Delinquent, or At-Risk;
    Title II, Part A Teacher, Paraprofessional, & Principal Professional Development & Recruiting
    Title III

    Bilingual ESL Education

    Listing of State or State Compensatory Education Programs offered at ECISD:

    Pre-K Bilingual Instructional Aides At Risk Literacy
    Supplemental Tutoring Supplemental instructional materials
    Extended Year Disciplinary Alternative Education Center
    Reading Dyslexia Intervention Teachers Educational Software
     At Risk Drop out Prevention Counselors & Social Workers
    TRAC (Teen Parent Recovery Program), TRAC Counselor, Social Worker
    OdysseyWare Credit Recovery
    Coca Cola Valued Youth Program
    COC Remediation
Last Modified on February 27, 2017