Travis Elementary

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    Excellent attendance is imperative to ensure student success. Absences and tardiness interrupt the learning process.

    • If a student arrives after 7:30a.m., the student will be marked tardy. Student must be IN class by 7:30 to be considered on time.

    • For Virtual: Students must be signed on to teacher’s Google Meet by 7:45 daily and remain online according to the schedule.

    • If a student arrives after 7:30, a parent or guardian MUST escort the student to the front of the office to be signed in before student is allowed to go to class. A student will not receive a Perfect Attendance Award if he/she has more than three tardies (district policy.) Tardies will also affect Magnet eligibility good standing

  • Highlights of Travis Career and Leadership Academy School of Choice

    Travis provides an innovative and hands-on learning environment for our students through our Learning Labs: Science, Math, and Leadership.


    The Travis Leadership Lab is designated to promote leadership opportunities to strengthen the character and intellect of our students.

    • Leadership Development is taught through an interactive process.
    • We partner with college and career leadership organizations to enhance leadership skills.
    • Students participate in campus and community leadership opportunities and activities.
    • Students are equipped with leadership skills relevant to be successful in today’s college and career readiness fields.
    • Students will learn and thrive through the Leader in Me and 7Habits.


    The Travis Math Lab houses a multi-methods and knowledge transfer approach to conceptual learning in order for students to internalize and process math.

    • Hands-on learning activities
    • Small group instruction
    • Problem solving techniques


    The Travis Science Lab provides a habitat for multi-sensory instructional practices which help students reach a deeper understanding and passion for science.

    • Interacting with the environment in our Environmental Learning Center
    • Exploration in our SharkFinder expedition
    • Using real-world and relative science experiments to seed passion and appreciation for our universe

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