"Honi soit qui mal y pense"

    Edward III 



    About Me:


    • I have a BA from Rollins College and an MBA from Western Governors University
    • I have a great deal of experience in and outside of education (such as owning/running bussinesses) that i will be bringing into the classroom 
    • I am originally from England and am a veteran of the USAF


    Tutoring & General Information:

    • My conference times are by appointment only
    • I have tutoring on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 07:30-08:20 (I may have it more frequently based on student need and participation).  I will also offer a Thursday afternoon session from 16:30-17:00 by prior arrangement  
    • To track what we are doing in class please go to TEKS resource system and review 6th grade science 6 week curriculum (this year we started with unit #2 then we will do unit #1 and continue with the TEKS flow)
    • To get more information and to help your child with extra resources please visit Texas gateway. and each TEK per-grade has additional material to aid their understanding

    My approach to teaching:

            I’m a firm believer that Science is fun and everyone is a born scientist –we’ve been testing our world from the moment we arrived.  I also believe that the best way to learn is with laughter and fun and do the best I can to approach each class that way.

           I will be narrating my PowerPoints and they will be posted for students to access from home for review.  This will allow students that miss time in class or who are struggling to have a way to catch up on work and to review before tests.


    Class syllabus:

    6th Grade Science

     Mr. Bolinger 2018-2019




    ➴ 100 3x5 lined note cards (this will allow students to make vocabulary flash cards to review for tests)

    ➴ A 2” loose leaf ring for the note cards (keeps them organized by unit)

    ➴ Hand sanitizer and Kleenex are greatly appreciated throughout the year (to keep us all healthy and happy)




    Students will treat their peers, the instructor, the classroom, and the equipment with respect

    ➴ Each student is expected to follow the school's code of conduct (No cell phone Etc.)

    ➴ Students will arrive in class and be seated before the bell rings. Tardies and absences will be handled in accordance with the school policy

    ➴ Students will come to class prepared and keep an organized notebook


    It is our job, as teachers, to maintain an environment in which all students can learn comfortably. Therefore, disruptive, inappropriate, and disrespectful behaviors will not be tolerated. We hope to partner with you so all students will have a fun and successful year! 





    Student Responsabilities 

    Notebooks: We will be doing interactive notebooks. They will be graded and will be used for test reviews (so they will be very important). This is why all students will need a spiral notebook (if they fill it, another may be required).

    Textbooks: Students will be responsible for their text book, we recommend that they be kept in a ring binder (rings on the spine will work best). This is needed for the textbook so it will remain a usable resource throughout the year. The textbook will be used to support instruction, for homework, and review for tests (each unit has an assigned reading the student is expected to complete on their own).

    Responsibility: It’s the student’s responsibility to bring text/notebooks as needed.

    Homework: Homework will generally be reading the appropriate chapter in the book to aid in understanding and to facilitate class discussion ( this will be expected for all units and is ungraded ).  When specific homework is assigned it will need to completed and returned on it’s assigned day for a grade. Late submissions will receive 10% deduction per day late (not accepted after 7 days late). 



     Assignments    35%

       Projects           45% 

     Class Work       20%



    Contact Information:

     (432) 456-0459








Last Modified on September 4, 2018