State Library Standards
    TEA has adopted Library Standards that are meant to be guidelines for districts to use in their library programs. Currently these are not mandated standards, but these exemplary standards have been shown to have a great impact upon student achievement. You can reveiw these standards at:
    State Library Standards

    Online Board Policies
    Whenever you need official information about state or local board policies, you can access them at the following site:
    Online Board Policies

    Follett Software
    If you are unfamiliar with the Follett Circulation System, please contact your campus Technology Instructional Specialist in the Technology Department (334-3750) to set up a time for an orientation.

    For great quick tips and helps, go to:
    Kim Bergeron's Website
    For support and product information go to the Follett Software Company site.
    Follett Software Company

    Appraisal Form Used By Your Administrator
    You will be appraised by your Principal each year. The form that is used can be found at:
    Librarian Appraisal Form

    Important files and other information
    This list would be different for each campus. It will depend upon your responsibilities at each campus. It’s important to keep a list of where things are located and the passwords that are needed to access things in your library. This list needs to be located in a secure place that is not easily accessed by students. However, it does need to be accessible in case of emergencies. One way to understand this is to imagine that on a Saturday you had to leave town for a family emergency. You are not able to go back to your library and you are going to be gone for 4-6 weeks. What information would a substitute and your Principal need to keep your library running smoothly? You can place this information in your librarian handbook and have it there to easily update and access as you need to or for a substitute.

    Student Transfers
    As students transfer, it’s important that library records are sent with them. If a student has books checked out and he/she is leaving your school, you need to make sure the book titles and amounts are in the transfer file that goes with them (see your school secretary to get this done). If he/she is transferring within the district, you may want to email the librarian to let him/her help you get the materials returned. If you are an AR administrator for your campus, you will need to transfer the AR records to the new school when they are requested. (so don’t delete the student’s records as soon as he/she transfers).

    Professional Organizations
    Texas Library Association
    American Association of School Librarians
    American Library Association

    Beginning and Ending the Year Responsibilities
    This is a GUIDE for beginning and ending the year. Your campus may have other items that you are responsible for, so use these lists to help you in determining what needs to be done. Click on the following links to see the lists:
    Beginning of the Year Responsibilities
    End of the Year Responsibilities


Last Modified on August 6, 2008