Each campus has different procedures for preparing purchase orders. You will need to discuss with the campus secretary and principal as to what your procedures will be. If you will be preparing your own online purchase orders, you will need to have Passport training through the Technology Department and your principal will have to have you approved as a user to access Passport.

    Selection Board Policies/Book Challenges
    Selecting material for the library program is an important task. The ECISD board has policies in place regarding selecting material. Also, there is an official procedure for reconsidering material that is available to the students.
    Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption
    Official request for reconsideration of materials
    Library Media Programs

    Weeding is an essential skill that librarians must use if collections are to remain useful and appealing to students and teachers. A regular program of weeding the collection needs to be maintained for each campus. A calendar developed by Spring Branch ISD has a systematic schedule of weeding the entire collection over a 10 year period, with extra weeding among areas that need to be examined more often. Their calendar can be accessed at:
    Spring Branch Weeding Calendar

    Accurate cataloging of library materials is necessary to maintain library records. Full marc records are integral to keeping the library cataloging accurate for students to locate materials.

    Information and tutorials about Marc Records can be found at:
    Library of Congress (Marc records)

    Each campus has a copy of Marc Magician. Here are a couple of links to help with that program:
    Marc Magician Software Vendor Site
    Marc Magician Introduction and tutorial

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