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    The ECISD Medical Plan is a self-funded group health plan that provides hospitalization, major medical and prescription drug coverage to employees and, if elected, their dependents. Two plan options are offered. One of these options is a high deductible plan that is eligible for a Health Savings Account. High - Deductible plans do not cover any expenses, other than preventive, before the deductible has been met. An In-hospital Indemnity option, intended for employees with other group coverage, is also offered.  Hospitalization and major medical claims are administered by BlueCross BlueShield of Texas. The prescription drug program is administered by Express Scripts. 
    • Eligibility and coverage information can be found in the Plan Booklet. 
    • MDLIVE offers you and your covered dependents Virtual Visits as part of your medical benefits with Blue Corss Blue Shield of Texas.
    • Covered lab work, when performed at specified stand-alone labs, is covered 100% without having to meet deductibles.  
    • Employee contribution rates depend on the option and level of coverage selected. Rates for the 2019 plan year.
    • The prescription drug program includes generic($12), formulary/preferred ($80) and non-preferred ($100) co-pays at preferred retail pharmacies. Accredo is used for specialty drugs that are usually very expensive. Details of the prescription drug are included here. 
    • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are available when the employee is enrolled in the high-deductible plan and is not covered by another non-high deductible plan. If these employees open HSA's, ECISD will contribute $25 per month to their accounts. Employee can also make contributions by payroll deduction. Special rules apply to these accounts.
    • Cobra coverage is available to participants who have become ineligible due to termination of employment, expiration of FMLA, divorce, 26th birthday of child, etc. When they become ineligible, participants will be contracted by Health Care Services Corp. for COBRA election. COBRA rates for the 2019 plan year.
    •  BlueCrossBlueShield of Texas   
    • Express Scripts
    •  ECISD Wellness Program -  Wellness Program has been discontinued.  However, employees who completed the Wellness Program in 2018 will pay $25 less per month in 2019.
    Optional Medical Benefits
    • First Financial Health Saving Account - These accounts are available for eligible employees who have elected Option III, our high deductible plan. Eligible employees must enroll in a Health Savings Account (HSA) to receive the $25 per month contribution from ECISD. They can also make contributions to their account by payroll deduction. Combined contribution maximum apply.
    • Superior Vision Insurance - This coverage is vision only. Employees can elect either employee or family coverage.
    • MetLife Dental Insurance- This coverage is dental only. Employee can elect either employee or family coverage.
    • American Fidelity Cancer Insurance-This supplemental cancer coverage pays for many of the costs not covered by major medical. Various riders are also available.
    • American Fidelity Accident Insurance- This accident coverage pays you directly for any related medical expenses you may incur. it is also available for dependents.
    • Allstate Heart & Stroke Insurance- This supplemental coverage pays for many of the heart & stroke costs not covered by your major medical. Various riders are available.
    • Genworth Long Term Care- This long-term care insurance program is a for active TRS members, TRS retirees, and certain family members. Under this plan, eligible individuals may apply for completely portable long-term care insurance coverage at favorable group rates.