Texas Scholars

    The Texas Scholars program is a workforce development program sponsored by the Odessa Chamber of Commerce, the Ector County Independent School District, and Ector County businesses and organizations.
    During the 2010-2011 school year, there were about 460 Texas Scholars students who met the minimum requirements. Texas Scholars volunteered 16,790 community service hours.
    Since 1997 to present, Texas Scholars have volunteered 141,979 hours. What a positive impact students are making in our community!

    To become a Texas Scholar a student must be in grades 9 - 12 and
    • maintain a 2.75 grade point average,
    • complete the Recommended High School or Distinguished Achievement Program and
    • volunteer a minimum of 50 hours of community service by their senior year.
    Minimum requirements for community service hours submitted are:
    • Ninth grade year - 5 hours
    • Tenth grade year - 10 hours
    • Eleventh grade year - 15 hours
    • Twelfth grade year - 20 hours

    The deadline to turn in your Texas Scholar hours in order to receive credit for them is April 10 unless the April 10 date falls on the weekend.  If so, hours must be turned in on the first day (Monday) of the new school week.  (No exceptions to this rule.)

    Students are encouraged and will be recognized for accumulating more than the minimum community service hours required. Students may not accumulate hours in advance of the current school year. However, students may work extra hours in the current year above the minimum to makeup for hours not met in previous years. Current hours are due by April 10. Hours for the current year will not be accepted after the April 10 deadline. There will be no exceptions.

    Seniors who successfully complete the requirements for Texas Scholars are awarded a special certificate, an honor cord for graduation, and are eligible for a scholarship at Odessa College or UTPB. Seniors need to contact their campus counselor for information on how to apply for that scholarship. All Texas Scholars students are recognized annually by incentives donated by local businesses and in a special section of the Odessa American.

    The Texas Scholars program requires community service hours for Texas Scholars recognition to encourage students to expand their awareness of community needs and civic responsibilities. The objective is to have each student gain adult insights and begin to recognize and accept a personal responsibility in meeting those needs within the Odessa and Ector County community. Volunteering helps develop team work and communication skills, builds networking opportunities, and provides a sense of achievement and appreciation.

    The Texas Scholars committee maintains a list of approved agencies that the students may choose from to perform their community service hours. To be added to the list, an organization must fill out an application for approval. To view the current approved agency list or download a copy of the application for approval go to the links at the left.

    For more information on how to become a Texas Scholar, contact the Texas Scholars contact on your campus or call the VIPS office at 456-9012.

Last Modified on August 3, 2015