• Pre Advanced & Advanced Placement


    The Advanced Placement program is open for enrollment to any ECISD student.  The pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement courses are different from regular high school courses in that they are taught with college curricula and college level materials.


    The minimum appropriate grade in a pre-Advanced Placement or Advanced Placement course is 70.  Upon any occasion that a student’s six-week average falls below 70, that grade serves as a warning to the student and parent that improvement is needed and enrollment status in the course is in jeopardy.  A student whose first semester average is below 70 in an advanced course will be placed in a regular course the second semester.  A student whose average is below 70 at the end of the year in an advanced course will not be permitted to enroll in the subsequent advanced course.

    Summer Reading for AP English 3
    Summer Reading for AP English 4