• What is Army JROTC?
    Army JROTC is a program that teaches High School students the values of good citizenship. There are 1555 Army JROTC Battalions, 794 Air Force units, 619 Navy units, 260 Marine units, and One Coast Guard unit.
    The Junior Reserve Officers Traning Corps. of Permian High School consists of over 70 cadets and retired Army Instructors.
    What are some of the benefits and opportunities you recieve as a JROTC Cadet?
    • Developing your physical fitness
    • Streghening your self esteem
    • Developing your leadership potential
    • Promoting your graduation from high school and a solid foundation for career developing
    • An opportunity to earn over 30 ribbons
    • A soild foundation for military life 
    What is the Goal of JROTC ?
    • the goal of JROTC is for a cadet to Graduate High School.

    What is the Mission of JROTC?

    • To motivate young students to become better citizens.


Last Modified on March 24, 2014