Mrs. Zeigler



    Josette Rodriguez-Zeigler                                            


    Permian High School

               1800 E. 42nd Street

    Odessa, TX 79762



    E-Mail me:   Josette.Zeigler@ectorcountyisd.org



    I am a professional teacher and modeler/texture & material artist based in Odessa. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with many influential companies, publications, photographers and fellow animators/artists in the industry. I am dedicated to my craft and always strive for perfection with each new challenge that I take on.   I have a keen eye for detail and a flawless approach to artistic style that I embed in all my courses.   I graduated from Texas Tech University in 2001 with a bachelor's degree in Visual Studies and Fine arts.  
    I have two student organizations here at Permian.  
    1. Zanimatorz, Zeigler's Animators, as my students named the organization back in 2009.  This is comprised of Advanced and Practicum students.  We fundraise throughout the school year to take a week-long trip to Dallas, Texas.  There we get private tours at Funimation and Janimation studios.  We visit SMU and UT Dallas to visit the campus and see animation and game design degrees offered on their campuses.  When we can we visit other game and animation studios, in order to see what it really is like to be an animator/game designer.  On a really cool note, my students get to work all the local Comic Cons and meet some super cool and famous actors and voice actors.
    2. Gamerz Unlocked,  This is a gaming organization, also founded in 2009 in conjunction with Odessa College. We meet in D-12 about twice a month after school until 7 pm. We have several gaming consoles, and we just meet people and play games.  We host a few tournaments a year at Patriot Games.  Patriot Games is our sponsor, we greatly appreciate Dave and all of his crew.  BIG shout out them.  Thank you. 
     I am committed to equity and excellence.
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