• I am very honored to be a teacher to your son or daughter in the Permian Band.  I consider myself such a lucky person to be able work with them.  My email address is John.Carroll@ectorcountyisd.org. Contact me if I can help you.
    Please visit our band website for the calendar and other information:  www.permianband.net
    You can also access the Charms system at www.charmsoffice.com
    John Carroll
    Associate Director of Bands
    Permian High School
    Marching Band Director
    Symphonic Band Director
    Concert Band Director
    Black Cat Jazz Director
    Percussion Ensemble Director
    Drumline Director
    TMEA Region 6 Band Division Chair

    Bar-B-Que Fanatic
    1st Period--Woodwind Class
    2nd Period--Brass Class
    3rd Period--Percussion Class
    4th Period--Lunch
    5th Period--Conference
    6th Period--Jazz Band
    7th Period--Team Teaching (at the Middle Schools)
    8th Period--Colorguard Class 
    School phone--432-456-2285
    I am always open for tutoring with my wonderful students.  
Last Modified on September 1, 2015