Classroom Policies
    I. Course Description

    Life Science Pre-AP Honors is a content-based introductory biology course offering introductions to all major biological topics.  Studies cover surveys and explorations of living things from the simplest cells and organisms to the most complex. 

    II. Textbook for the course

    iScience - Grade 7. Glencoe/McGraw-Hill 2015.

    III. Attendance Policy

    Students are expected to be present and on time at each class session. Students cannot do their best work or benefit fully from the course if they do not attend class regularly. Any class sessions missed, regardless of cause, reduce the academic opportunities of the student. More than two absences, excused or unexcused, can adversely affect the course grade.  

    IV.  Tardy Policy

    A student will be counted tardy if he/she is not in the classroom when the bell rings.

    V. Make-up Work

    It is the student's responsibility to check the syllabus regularly to determine the deadlines for in-class and out-of-class assignments or to check this web site for make-up assignments.  Work missed during an excused absence must be completed within a specified time after the student returns.  Failure to turn in make-up work within that specified time will result in a "0" for that assignment.  Make-up tests can only be taken during a regular class period and not before or after school.  If you have problems getting the assignments or making the deadlines, please contact me personally.  

    VI. General Information about Class Work and Written Assignments
    • You must maintain a science binder and a separate science vocabulary folder/spiral.
    • Every chapter will have a Vocabulary QUIZ.
    • There will be NO Pop Quizzes.  All quizzes will be scheduled.
    • None of the Chapter Tests will be open-book.
    • Late work (assignments left at home) will not be accepted.
    • Extra Credit opportunities will not be available for every chapter.
    VII.  Tutoring

    Students needing help with science assignments or students simply needing a place to study may come to my room at 8:15am on Monday, Tuesdy, and Wednesday mornings.    Students who choose not to study or who interfere with the tutoring process will be asked to leave.  Students will not be allowed in my room on Thursday and Friday mornings.

    VIII. Student Conduct Policy

    Each student will be expected to conduct himself/herself in a manner which is conducive to an effective learning situation. Any student who unduly disrupts a class or violates any behavior rule, regulation, or policy of Bowie Junior High School during class shall be subject to immediate removal from the class and to appropriate disciplinary.  Any student who is caught cheating on an examination or graded writing assignment shall receive a grade of "0" on the respective exam or assignment and be subject to further disciplinary action.

    IX.  Cell Phones
    Students will be expected to have their cell phones turned off while in class.  Parents should not expect their child to answer their phone during school hours.  Students observed using their phones in the classroom will be asked to surrender their phone.  It will be turned into the office where only the parent may pick it up.
    X. Grading Policy

    Grade Scale patch3 Conduct Scale
    A = 90 - 100 E = Excellent
    B = 80 - 89 S = Satisfactory
    C = 70 - 79 N = Needs Improvement
    F = 0 - 69 U = Unsatisfactory