Classroom Policies
    CLASSROOM   RULES:     Be Responsible!     Be Respectful!   Think Like a Scientist!!


    1.        Be on time to class. If tardy, pass required.

    2.        Sit in assigned seat before bell rings

    3.        Be prepared with supplies(pencil, highlighter)  planner, and assignment notebook.

    4.        No food, drink or gum allowed unless allowed by teacher.

    5.        Follow class rules and procedures at all times as well as Bowie school policies (uniform, behavior)

    6.        Do not leave your seat without permission.

    7.        I will do my class work/homework to the best of my ability, and if necessary, attend tutoring to get extra help.




    1.  Verbal praise, bonus points, behavior/participation grade, special privilege.....Bowie rewards!


        Students' behavior/participation is recorded daily (10 pts earned daily/two-week period).  Grade assigned over a two-week period.   After three incidents, student  is assigned teacher D'Hall (30 minutes after school) Parent call will follow.  No show for teacher D'Hall results in referral and call to parent.  If misbehavior continues, a written referral will be issued and call to parent.


    PROCEDURES     Routines, methods or guidelines for doing something that occurs on a regular basis.


    PURPOSE     To insure smooth functioning of the class, prevents confusion creates positive learning  environment.


    1.   Enter room quietly and sit in assigned seat before bell rings.  Sharpen pencils before bell.

    2.   Begin “Do Now” activity on the board as soon as bell rings.  (Answer the question)

    3.   Read and copy the objective and assignments into student planners. 

    4.   Be silent during announcements.

    5.   Always raise your hand to speak/ ask question.

    6.   Leaving the classroom (drills, out of class events, pep rallies) should be done quietly, in single file, wait for teacher at each corner)

    7.   How to get missed work. (when absent –Teacher will handout)

    8.   How to turn in missed work. (place on black tray for your period)

    9. When we have a substitute teacher, you will obey the same rules that you follow 

         when I am with you.  Be courteous and helpful.
    10. Respect other students’ comments, opinions, and ideas.  Make positive statements!  
         (Ex: “I agree with Sarah….it made me realize...")