Odessa Pathway to Teaching





         About You

    • We are looking for aspiring teachers who are ready to give Ector County students the outstanding education they deserve. You don't yet have a teaching certificate, but you're looking for a rewarding career, know the power of a great teacher, and want to make a defference for kids in Ector County. 



         About Us

    • We are Ector County ISD educators and instructional leaders with years of classroom experience. We’ve designed a specialized training program that focuses on the most important skills effective educators bring to their classrooms. We believe a great education can make a difference in the lives of students and their community. We know that Ector County ISD is a growing district, and we’re committed to preparing great teachers to meet our community’s needs.


      The Odessa Pathway to Teaching

      The Odessa Pathway to Teaching is Ector County ISD’s teacher training and certification program. It’s a district-led program centered around hands-on, in person training with experienced ECISD educators. Successful apprentices will make a two-year commitment to teaching in Ector County.


      As an Odessa Pathway to Teaching apprentice, you’ll receive:

      • Innovative training. Your training starts in the summer with intensive in-person workshops, online classes, and practice teaching in an Ector County ISD classroom. You’ll learn from the latest research and best practices to develop a strong foundation of skills to boost students’ academic success.
      • Personalized coaching. Everyone has the potential to become a great teacher. Coaching and feedback helps apprentices recognize and practice the skills and techniques effective educators use to help students learn. Our coaches are experienced teachers of teachers and are committed to helping you succeed.
      • Real teaching experience. Professional athletes don’t just read about their sport, they practice—relentlessly. We believe practice teaching in the classroom is a critical part of becoming an effective educator. In the fall, you’ll begin teaching in your own classroom with the ongoing support from mentor teachers, colleagues, and school leaders.
      • Testing support. The Odessa Pathway to Teaching does notrequire apprentices to pass the  before being accepted into the program. However, you must pass the same test before you earn certification. Apprentices will be given ongoing testing support to help them prepare for these tests. 

      Certification and Career

      As an Odessa Pathway to Teaching apprentice, you may pursue certification in the following areas:

      • Core Subjects EC-6
      • Core Subjects 4-8
      • English Language Arts and Reading 4-8 or 7-12
      • Math 4-8 or 7-12
      • Science 4-8 or 7-12 


      At the end of your training, you must demonstrate the knowledge and skills you’ve learned to continue in the program. You’ll show how the techniques you’ve practiced can lead students to deeper learning and academic success. 

      Apprentices who meet this high bar will be assigned their own classroom and begin their full-time career as a teacher. The current salary for first-year teachers in Ector County ISD is $52,000.


      Eligibility Requirements

      Applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered eligible for the program:

      • Have bachelor's degree by May 30, 2020
      • Have a 2.5 or better GPA (overall or in the last 60 hours of completed coursework)
      • Meet all legal requirements to work in the United States
      • Be able to pass a criminal background check and drug test
      • Not have previously participated in a certification program

      Program Costs

      This year, tuition and fees for the Odessa Pathway to Teaching total $3,950. School year internship fees of $3,900 are only due once an apprentice is hired and can be paid off in interest-free monthly installments over the course of their first teaching year.

      Fingerprinting Fee


      School Year Internship Fee