• Welcome Parents and Students 

    Instructor: Cassidy Stewart
    GT/AP English I
          English IV

    Email Address: cassidy.stewart @ectorcountyisd.org

    Conference Period: 8th Period (2:40-3:20 pm)
    *NOTE: You must schedule an appointment with me 1st, please allow 24 hours for me to respond.

    Tutoring Availability: Monday- Friday from 8:00- 8:24 am
             *NOTE: Tutoring after school is through appointment and will end promptly at 4:45pm so come immediately after school, prepared with questions, and assignments

    PHS Phone Number: (432) 456-0039
    Direct Line: (432) 456-2267 
           *NOTE: The best form of communication is email. 
    Daily Needed Supplies:
    • Pencil
    • Blue/Black pen
    • Red pen (for grading only) 
    • Lose Notebook Paper
    • 2 - 100 page, College Rule Composition Notebook
    • Planners (the one issued by PHS)
    • Please donate Kleenex- we are in school during 3 season changes


    Late Policy:
    (Stated by PHS) 
     The day it's due = 100%
    1 day late = -25 pts. (these pts. cannot be recovered)
    2 days late = -50 pts. (these pts. cannot be recovered)
    *NOTE: after that the assignment will no longer be accepted
    Correction Policy:
    (stated by ECISD) 
    The student's have 5 days to make corrections on any failing grade(below 70), to get as high as a 75. 
    Absence Policy:
    (stated by ECISD)
    The students have the day that they are absent, plus one more day to make-up any assignments missed due to an absence.
    It is the student's, not the teacher's, responsibility to seek out this information.
      Any assignments due the day of the absence must be turned in either the day before the absence or the date returned to school.
    *NOTE: I will not address any questions regarding an absence in class, the students will either obtain the information from me during my tutoring hours or view my calendar.