• Human Growth and Development Presentations: 5th Grade (The Life Center)

     The school day before The Life Center presents in your school you will need to administer the sex education pre-test which is attached to this e-mail for your convenience.  


    The Sex Education Pre-Test should only be administered to the students that have returned a parent permission form and will be seeing the program in its entirety.


    If a student does not understand a statement please instruct them to circle "0".  We ask that no explanations be given for any of the statements and that no names be written on this form as this could taint our end of the year results. 


    At the end of the third day the presenters will administer the post-tests and take them.  In order for this to be done properly and with sufficient time we are asking that an additional five minutes be given on the third day to each class period. 


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Last Modified on August 19, 2013