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    Since Permian High School opened its doors fifty-four years ago, the band has earned a national reputation for excellence by earning fifty-three University Interscholastic Sweepstakes Awards.  The band has twice been selected at the “Texas Honor Band” under the direction of Mr. JR McEntyre and Mr. Charles Nail.  The marching band has marched at nationally televised football games in Dallas and Los Angeles and has advanced to the finals of the Texas State Marching Band competition 14 times, earning the class 5A championship in 1982.  The marching band was nominated for the Sousa Foundation’s “Sudler Shield” in the fall of 1997 for its traditional marching excellence, and the band also marched in “The Tournament of Roses Parade” on January 1, 2004.  The band has twice performed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, and in 2012 the band marched in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland.

     The Permian High School Symphonic Band was selected to perform at the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago on December 20, 2006.  The band was also awarded the 2008 Sudler Flag of Honor sponsored by the John Phillip Sousa Foundation.  The Symphonic Band has performed at the Texas Music Educators Association Convention and at the Music Educators National Convention.  In addition, the band has been selected “Outstanding Band” at numerous national contests and festivals.

    The Permian Band has had only 5 directors in its fifty-four year history.
    Previous Permian Band Directors:
    Mr. JR McEntyre, Mr. Charles Nail, Mr. Van Ragsdale and Mr. Michael Watts


    Fall Semester

    7:00 AM (Zero Hour)  Marching Band Rehearsal

    8:25 AM (1st Period) Woodwind Class

    9:30 AM (2nd Period) Brass Class

    10:25 AM (3rd Period) Percussion Class

    11:15 AM (4th Period) Middle School Team Teaching/Planning

    12:05 PM (5th Period) Lunch

    01:10 PM (6th Period) Jazz Band/Middle School Team Teach

    02:05 PM (7th Period) Band Leadership Class

    02:30 PM (8th Period) Middle School Team Teaching

    03:35 PM (9th Period) Colorguard Class

    04:45 PM (After School) Sectionals

    06:30 PM (After School) Marching Rehearsal (Mondays only)

    Spring Semester

    08:00 AM (Zero & 1st) Symphonic Band Rehearsal

    09:30 AM (2nd Period) Concert 1 Band Rehearsal

    10:25 AM (3rd Period) Concert 2 Band Rehearsal

    11:15 AM (4th Period) MS Team Teach/Planning

    12:05 PM (5th Period) Lunch

    01:10 PM (6th Period) Jazz Band/Middle School Team Teach

    02:05 PM (7th Period) Leadership Class

    02:30 PM (8th Period) Concert 3 Band Rehearsal

    03:35 PM (9th Period) Winterguard Rehearsal

    04:45 PM (After School) Sectional 1

    05:45 PM (After School) Sectional 2

    06:30 PM (After School) Evening Rehearsal

                                        Monday = Concert 1 Band

                                        Tuesday = Symphonic Band

                                        Thursday = Concert 2 or 3 Band (alternating weeks)



     Jeff Whitaker

    Director of Bands
    Permian High School