August 20, 2019

  • 1. Roll Call. Trustee Carol Gregg was absent.

    2. Gale Pond Alamo STEAM Academy students Demry Gatewood and Levi Melchor led the pledges of allegiance.

    Students Demry Gatewood and Levi Melchor led the pledges of allegiance. Posing with Trustee and Superintendent.

    3. Reverend Lyndel Lee from Tanglewood Baptist Church gave the invocation.

    2.	Reverend Lyndel Lee from Tanglewood Baptist Church posed with Trustee and Superintendent.

    4. Special Presentations

    Special presentations included:

    Recognition of Odessa Collegiate Academy’s Deidre Morales (second from left) for taking part in the International Space Station Research and Development Summit Panel. Trustees also recognized Deidre's teacher and chaperone for the trip, Elizabeth Gray (second from right).

    Deidre Morales, her mom and her teacher Elizabeth Gray with certificates at board meeting.


    Introduction of All State Middle School Choir selections - Matthew Rojo and Victoria Carrillo from Crocket MS, Kendra Burton from Nimitz MS, and Erica Jeanne Morales from Wilson & Young Medal of Honor MS.

    All State Middle School Choir kids in board room with certificates.


    Naming of ECISD as one of the Best Communities for Music Education

    Fine Arts Director Dr. Aaron Hawley with Trustee and Superintendent.


    New Tech Odessa’s Bernadette Barragan as the West Texas Geology Foundation’s Most Outstanding Science Teacher.

    Bernadette Barragan poses with her MOST Award.

    5. Verification of Compliance with Open Meeting Law.

    6 - A Discussion of and Request for Approval of Budget Amendment #1

    • Trustees voted 6-0 to approve Budget Amendment #1.

    6 - B Discussion of and Request for Approval of Boundary Modifications for Jordan Elementary and Buice Elementary. 

    • Trustees voted 6-0 to approve boundary modifications for Buice Elementary and Jordan Elementary. This slight adjustment is being made to a developing neighborhood and affects no students at this time.

    6 - C Discussion of and Request for Approval of Endorsing Trustee Dr. Steve Brown for the TASB Board of Directors.

    • Trustees voted 6-0 to endorse Dr. Steve Brown for a spot on the Texas Association School Board (TASB) Board of Directors.

    7. Consent Agenda

    • The Consent Agenda is a group of routine or previously reviewed items that are approved all together. This month’s Consent Agenda included minutes of previous meetings, bills for payment, the list of courses eligible for UIL Exemption, additional T-TESS appraisers, the annual investment report, out-of-state travel for the Permian High School men’s choir, and out-of-state travel for the Odessa High School Bronchettes.

    8 - A Discussion of Teacher Shortage

    • Superintendent of Schools Dr. Scott Muri and Deputy Superintendent Dr. Stephanie Howard updated the board members on the teacher shortage. Dr. Muri reminded Trustees we started school this week with 349 teacher vacancies. The district began planning for this shortage in the spring and developed a series of solutions to help schools fill gaps. Things like compressing/combining classes; paying an enhancement to teachers who teach during their conference period or agree to a Zero Period extra class; long-term substitutes; Odysseyware online learning; and Proximity Learning that live-streams a highly-qualified teacher into the classroom. The district also adjusted class size standards to allow 2-4 more students in most classrooms. The district also expanded recruiting efforts and is utilizing more fast-track certification programs to train teachers quickly without sacrificing quality.

    8 - B Discussion of School Accountability Ratings

    • Trustees received a report on the 2018-19 accountability ratings released last Friday. Trustees heard an explanation of the accountability system, reviewed the district’s ratings, and looked at priorities identified in the needs assessment conducted last spring. That plan restructured leadership to be more responsive to campus needs, provided more professional learning for teachers and leaders, created a focus on middle schools including extended time for 6th graders in reading and math, emphasized professional learning communities for collaborative learning, and provides more support for new teachers. Dr. Muri pointed out the items singled out for improvement are investments in people because that is where long-term success comes from. He said our students deserve excellence every day; excellent teachers and excellent leaders.

    9. Trustees spent about 20 minutes in closed session.

    10. Request for future agenda items. The meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.