Why Choose ECISD?   


    Why Choose ECISD


    In ECISD, our Pre-K program allows students to gain knowledge through positive experiences and interactive hands on learning that focuses on the growth of the whole child. Our Pre-K program encourages lifelong learning, decision making and problem solving while motivating each child to reach their full individual potential and become kindergarten ready!

    1. ECISD ensures that employee’s children will be a priority after eligible children are placed as required by the state.

    2. Tuition is not only affordable but also an easy process, as it will be deducted by payroll.

    3. Lamar and Carver will be home to three year old employee PreK classes.

          Cost for full day 3 year old Pre-K is $200.00

          Cost for full day3 year old Pre-K + extended day is $300.00

    4. Hays Elementary and Blanton Elementary will be home to 4 year old Pre-K employee classrooms.

          Cost for full day 4 year old Pre-K is $200.00

          Cost for full day 4 year old Pre-K + after school care is $250.00

    5. Employees who work on an elementary campus with a Pre-K program and there are spaces available on that campus may be eligible to enroll their child in that program and tuition will be as listed above.


    ECISD uses a guaranteed and viable curriculum that is aligned to Pre-K state standards. Pre-K students are involved in well- structured learning environments that will expose students to literacy, math, music, PE, as well as a curriculum that helps them to develop emotionally, socially, cognitive and creatively on a daily basis. Tuition is affordable and space is limited. Please visit the ECISD website to register.