• Outlook client connection problems

    Please make sure that you have all the latest Office updates installed on your computer.  Go to http://update.microsoft.com/ to check for updates.
    If your Outlook client still isn't connecting to your email, please try the following steps.
    1. In Outlook 2010 or 2013, on the File tab, click the arrow next to Account Settings, and the click Account Settings.
    2. In the Account Settings dialog box, on the E-mail tab, select your account, and then click Repair. Follow any prompts from the repair wizard.
    3. When the repair is done, restart Outlook.
    Did you know?
    The latest version of Office is available to full time faculty through their Office 365 subscription.  To download the latest version of Office, go to Settings Settings: update your profile, install software and connect it to the cloud > Office 365 settings > Software > Office.