• Technology Applications

    Mr. Walker

    Room 172, (432) 456-6446
     Main Office Telephone: (432) 456-0029

    General Expectations

    You must demonstrate your Broncho PRIDE on a constant basis. You can do this in the following ways:

    • P—Purpose: the purpose of Technology Applications is to learn how to apply technology to create useful things for yourself and others; you should also act with purpose—always acting in service of a constructive goal;
    • R—Respect:
      • for yourself, by proper dress and grooming,
      • for me and other teachers, by following my directions when given and listening attentively in lectures,
      • for your fellow learners, by allowing and helping them to learn, and
      • for the school, by leaving facilities, furniture and especially computer equipment in at least as good a state as you found it;
    • I—Integrity: doing your work for yourself and no one else, while honestly seeking assistance from me or your classmates when you need it, and giving honest assistance when asked;
    • D—Diligence: doing your assigned tasks to the best of your ability in the time allotted, and paying attention in lectures without letting yourself be distracted for long;
    • E—Etiquette: behaving pleasantly, saying "May I?" and "please" when asking for something, saying "thank you" when something is given, and by addressing people properly with "Mr." and "Ms.", "Yes, sir" or "No, ma'am".


    • Computer Science I (pre-AP) [1, 4]
    • AP Computer Science [2]
    • Web Design [7, 8]
    • Robotics Programming and Design [9]


    • Notebook—about 100 pages per semester; may be part of a multi-subject notebook.
    • Pen—BLACK INK ONLY; pencils and other pen colors do not show up as well in grayscale.
    • Flash drive—optional but recommended, any commonly available size will do.
    • Edmodo app—for your iOS or Android-based smartphone or tablet, if you have one.
    • Planner—to be provided by school.

    Grading Policy

    In line with the Odessa High School standard grading policy, the following categories and weights apply:

    Computer Science
    Other courses
    Major grades (Tests) 60% 50%
    Minor grades (Class work) 35% 45%
    Planner grades 5% 5%


    I will generally be available every morning at 8:25 am except on Tuesdays. If you need to come in earlier, request it the day before. I will also generally be available after school every day, but be sure to check with me during the day.

    Late Work

    Don't even think about it. Develop a mindset of getting classwork done as soon as possible and on time.

    Work submitted late will be recorded as "Missing" which counts as a 0 (zero). You will have at least the standard five class days to submit the work for 70% credit. In general, this means that if an assignment is posted as "Missing" over a weekend, you will have until the following Friday to submit it. Deadlines will be extended if you have an excused absence in accordance with district policy.

    Cell Phone Usage

    Generally, none. Please put your devices on airplane mode as soon as you enter the room and put them away. There may be rare and limited circumstances where you will be permitted to use your phones or tablets; these will be noted by a green sign posted at the front of the room. Should you not comply with this, you will be asked exactly ONCE to surrender your device to me.

    Computer Lab Rules

    The computers are school property and are to be used only for learning activities related to your course during class time or tutorials. This does not include games or streaming media of any sort, nor does it include playing video or audio except in the case where your course may require it.