• Volunteers



    Why volunteer? – Think about the impact you could make!


    During the 2017-18 academic year, the district celebrated 35 years of our volunteer program. Collectively, 740 individuals volunteered 61,577 hours. The value of a volunteer hour is $24.69; therefore, volunteers’ service is valued at $1,520,336. Faculty, staff and most importantly our students greatly benefitted from all of their hard work, support and care. Since 1982, the volunteer program has recorded 20,667 volunteers who have given more than 2,037,070 hours of academic and support services to ECISD students and staff for a total value of more than $32.5 million.



    What are some of the benefits to volunteering?

    •   Personal satisfaction by helping students succeed
    •   Strengthen school, community and home
    •   Individualized instruction=student successApply Now!
    •   Advance academic achievement
    •   Extend the reach of your tax dollars


    What are our qualifications?
    •   18 years old
    •   Not a current ECISD student
    •   Approved background check


    Come join us!

    Explore some of our reoccurring & occasional volunteer opportunities at ECISD!