• Bing for Schools comes to your district 

    Help get technology in your child’s classroom


    By searching on Bing, you can earn credits towards Microsoft Surface Tablets for your school. Students, teachers, parents, and community members supporting the same school can pool credits, and 30,000 credits translate to one Microsoft Surface tablet with a touch cover. To express that math a different way, about 60 Bing Rewards users can earn a Surface a month for a school by searching regularly on Bing. Together we can get technology into classrooms with the searches we already do every day. It’s that simple. Join Bing Rewards, and start earning now.




    Safer, ad-free search in your school


    We believe that online searches can be conducted in a safer environment. That’s why we brought Bing for Schools to your district. Through Bing for Schools, we have chosen safer, more private, and ad-free search for our students. When your child searches on the school network, they will experience the following enhancements:


    ·                   Removal of all advertisements from Bing search results

    ·                   Automatic strict filtering to help block adult content

    ·                   Augmented privacy protections


    Learn more: www.bing.com/schools


    Click here for detailed instructions on joining BingRewards