• Animation Explanation:

    ·         This video shows two classroom layouts.  Both layouts represent an entire grade level (i.e. second grade).

    ·         The classroom configuration on the left is the design for the new elementary schools. 

    ·         The classroom configuration on the right represents a more traditional design of a school.

    ·         The colored round dots represent students assigned to a specific classroom/teacher.

    ·         The colored square dots represent the teacher.

    ·         Both classroom configurations are for a grade level with five (5) classrooms/teachers.

    ·         The bottom right shows a running clock of the school day.

    ·         The bottom center shows a running explanation of the periods throughout the day.


    ·         Things to look for in the design of the new school conceptual floor plan as compared to the traditional school floor plan:

    ·         Different size learning environments:  Classroom size spaces to small individual learning spaces

    ·         Unique and moveable furniture

    ·         Private space for teachers to collaborate and relax

    ·         Space designed for student collaboration and exploration

    ·         Ample restrooms

    ·         Dramatically more student movement

    ·         Walls that move to create different size and configuration of space as needed

    ·         Enhanced opportunities for student and teacher collaboration and socialization


    ·         This animation could only be created with the early input from the ECISD Curriculum Department, administrators and teachers.

    ·         A mock schedule was created for the school and grade level.

    ·         Thought was given to specific needs of subject areas, team teaching opportunities and unique areas of need for ECISD.

    ·         This schedule was provided to the architectural team (PSC) to assure that the approved design met our educational needs FIRST.