•  Ector County ISD
    2013-14 Proposed Criteria for House Bill 5 Community & Student Engagement 
    Factor #2 - Wellness and Physical Education 
     ExemplaryMet 8(8) targets
     RecognizedMet 8(8) targets
     AcceptableMet 6(8) targets
     UnacceptableMet 5 or below
    Campus/ District Final Rating: 
     Met Target/ Didn't meet target  District/Campus/ Grade level  Description and Target Value  Supporting documentation
    1    The ECISD School Nutrition department provides nutritionally sound meals.  
    Opportunities for parents and students to be involved in campus organized wellness activities are evident.  
    Texas Tech Health Science Center’s “Big Decisions” and The Learning Center’s “Y Wud I” programs adequately address human growth and development education.  
    ECISD provides health education classes that guide students in developing physical, social, and emotional healthy life styles by providing access to current health information.  
     The nursing staff of ECISD follows the directives of students’ physicians by providing medications and treatments while recovering from illness or injury at school.  
    ECISD offers multiple options to obtain physical education credit through district programs and off campus organizations.  
    ECISD has procedures that appropriately address bullying.  
     District counselors enable all ECISD students to become productive and successful learners by providing comprehensive developmental guidance programs.  Examples include individual and group counseling, career exploration, goal setting and planning, assistance with personal and social development and classroom guidance presentations.