•  Ector County ISD
    2013-14 Proposed Criteria for House Bill 5 Community & Student Engagement 
    Factor #3 - Community & Parent Involvement
     ExemplaryMet 6(6) targets
     RecognizedMet 5(6) targets
     AcceptableMet 4(6) targets
     UnacceptableMet 3 or below
    Campus/ District Final Rating: 
     Met Target/ Didn't meet target  District/Campus/ Grade level  Description and Target Value  Supporting documentation
    1   Communication methods to parents and community about ways to be involved are effective and timely (ParentLink, flyers, website, PTA meetings, orientation, open house, booster clubs).  
    Parents and the community have opportunities to expressing ideas, concerns, and suggestions related to public education (surveys, ARD, LPAC, meet-the-teacher, PTA programs, booster clubs.)  
    Ninety percent of parents attend parent functions (PTA, family nights, fine arts presentations, open house, orientation).  
    Campus has a minimum of twenty active volunteers (PTA, booster clubs, volunteers).  
     Members of all ethnic groups and socio-economic groups have access to school communication and involvement.  
    Multiple methods of social media  are offered to engage parents and the community (website, Facebook Twitter, Instagram and others).