•  Ector County ISD
    2013-14 Proposed Criteria for House Bill 5 Community & Student Engagement 
    Factor #8 - Education Programs for Gifted & Talented Students
     ExemplaryMet 5(5) targets
     RecognizedMet 4(5) targets
     AcceptableMet 3(5) targets
     Unacceptable Met 2 or below
    Campus/ District Final Rating: 
     Met Target/ Didn't meet target  District/Campus/ Grade level  Description and Target Value  Supporting documentation
    At least 2% of the campus/ district population is identified as gifted and talented.
    Gifted and Talented Services implements services for Identified gifted/talented students in secondary through Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and dual credit courses.  
    Gifted and Talented student art work is displayed in classrooms, halls and occasionally at central office.  
    Teachers serving gifted and talented students receive a minimum of thirty (30) clock hours of professional development that includes nature and needs of gifted/talented students, identification and assessment of gifted/talented students’ needs, and curriculum and instruction for gifted/talented students.  
    Elementary Gifted and talented students are afforded the opportunity to enroll in a summer camp.  
    Secondary students are afforded the opportunity to serve as junior counselors during summer camp.