•  Ector County ISD
    2013-14 Proposed Criteria for House Bill 5 Community & Student Engagement 
    Factor #9 - Compliance with Statutory Reporting & Policy Requirements
    Meets Expectation 7 or more  target indicators achieved
     Does Not Meet Expectation 6 or less target indicators achieved
    Campus/ District Final Rating: 
     Met Target/ Didn't meet target  District/Campus/ Grade level  Description and Target Value  Supporting documentation
    The school/district has followed the established procedures and policies to ensure 90% compulsory attendance is met.
    Budget deadlines are met, and the yearly audit is passed.  
    The school/district's 2013-14 CIP is complete and has been approved by the district.  
    The school/district has an active Continuous Improvement Team/District Continuous Improvement Team that meets state and district requirements, including the minimum number of meetings per year and requirements pertaining to membership.  
    The school/district ensures that all children in the district participate actively in a balanced curriculum designed to meet individual needs, Ed. Code 28.002 (g) (i.e., measured through Eduphoria, Forethought, lesson plan review, walk through)  
    The school/district meets Highly Qualified requirements.  
    7    The school/district meets state and district PEIMS data submission deadlines.  
    8    The school/district complies with mandatory dissemination of annual TEA School Report Cards.  
    9   A school/district safety plan has been established.  
    10    The school/district implements special education programs that meet the individual needs of its' special education students.