• Credit by Examination

    Credit by Examination (CBE) – With Prior Instruction

    Eligible students in grades 7-12 may earn credit by examination in courses approved by the ECISD Board. Tests may be taken to receive credit from courses in which the student has received prior formal instruction. Students may request to test in the following instances: credit lost because of a failing grade of at least 60 in a course or credit lost due to excessive absences if the attendance committee recommends the opportunity to test. Students may apply for these examinations through the school counselor. Credit by examination shall not be used to gain eligibility for participation in extracurricular activities nor for NCAA eligibility. According to ECISD Board Policy, a passing grade of 70 is required for credit by examination with prior instruction.

    Credit by Examination (CBE) – Without Prior Instruction

    Credit by examination for advancement purposes is available to ECISD students. Students may take an examination for a course in which they have had no prior instruction. The purpose is to allow a student to accelerate and earn credit for a particular course or grade without formal instruction. According to ECISD Board Policy, a passing grade of 80 is required for credit by examination for advancement. Students may apply for these examinations through their counselor. For more information, view the Texas Tech University website at www.dce.ttu.edu.


    Credit by Examination – Registration

    By ECISD Board Policy, credit by examinations with prior instruction and without prior instruction is offered during September, December, March and June each year. Students wishing to take a credit by examination should access the current Credit by Examination Calendar on the District Testing Page online in order to register for either testing session by the test registration deadline. Applications for testing can be obtained from the campus counselor.

    Please see your school counselor or call Catherine Dunlap (432-456-5810) for TTUISD Credit-by-Exam application information.
Last Modified on February 22, 2017