Permain Chemistry: Its only the beginning! 

    Chemistry Course Syllabus

    Mr. Halldorson, PHS: Room S-1

    Phone: 432-456-2209

    Email: Michael.Halldorson@ectorcountyisd.org


    Purpose: The purpose of first year chemistry is to allow students to study the mechanisms of matter and chemical reactions. Upon completion of the course, the student should have a clear understanding of the history of chemistry, explored the uses of chemistry in various careers, and gain an ability to cope with chemical questions and problems related to personal needs and social issues, and an understanding of laboratory safety. To achieve these goals, part of the class time will be spent in the laboratory.

    Required Materials: Scientific Calculator (must have LOG key) - [recommend Texas Instruments TI-30 series], Large Folder or Binder, Notebook, Pens AND Pencils, Safety Contract (provided, must be signed by parent/guardian and student), LAB BOOK (can be purchased at OC, UTPB, or STAPLES).

    Grading: Grades will be done on a cumulative point system for each 6-week term period. Progress reports will be sent home every 3-weeks.

    *Tests will make up approximately 50% of the students overall average. Labs, daily work, and quizzes will make up the remaining 45% of the students average. Student planners will make up approximately 5% of the overall average.


    Letter Grade








    **Extra credit may be earned in various ways, from extra assignments, to participation. PARTICIPATION IN CLASS IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED, AND APPRECIATED!


    Make Up and Late Work

    -       Students that know they are going to be absent should try and get work done in advance, especially students that will be absent for a school function. Make up work will follow the standard school policy.

    -       Late work will follow standard school policy.

    Classroom Rules:

    1)    RESPECT!!!!

    o   The Teacher

    o   Others

    o   Property

    o   Yourself

    2)    Be On Time

    a.    This means use the facilities during crossing periods

    b.    Always have ALL of your supplies EVERYDAY

    3)    Be Positive

    a.    Everyone has a bad day, but let’s make the best of it, let’s have fun

    4)    Be Careful in the Lab!

    a.    We are working with some dangerous chemicals, so always, wear your goggles and be very cautious in the lab area!

    5)    Be an Active Learner!




    Laboratory Rules: see safety contract ‑ YOU MUST WEAR GLASSES OR GOGGLES IN THE LAB AT ALL TIMES! Lab safety will be discussed prior to the first lab session. Your safety contract MUST be on file before working in the lab.


    Schedule of Topics: First Semester

    An Introduction to Chemistry

    Scientific Measurement

    Matter and Change

    Atomic Structure & The Periodic Table

    Chemical Bonding

    Chemical Names and Formulas

    Chemical Reactions: Balancing

    Chemical Reactions: Writing

    Schedule of Topics: Second Semester

    Nuclear Chemistry

    The Mole Concept








    1st – Chemistry

    2nd – Chemistry

    3rd – Lunch/Tutoring

    4th – Conference

    5th – Chemistry

    6th – Chemistry

    7th & 8th– Homeroom & Chemistry

    9th – Chemistry

    **Tutoring will be offered daily before school**