• Things to Consider When Applying for a Grant that Involves Technology


    Grants are a nice way to add materials and equipment to your classroom.  When requesting equipment or technology for your classroom that requires the internet or network connectivity, please carefully consider the devices and equipment that you request.  Making an informed choice will help ensure that your proposed technology will meet your needs and meet the technology requirements so that the technology can be used in your classroom.


    Please contact Instructional Technology (ext. 66079) with any questions or concerns.  The ECISD Technology department can help you customize your grant request to meet your specific needs.



    Minimum Device Requirements



    • Windows Computer

    • 1.5 ghz i3 dual core processor or better (minimum i core series, i3, i5, i7)

    • 2 gb RAM

    • 500 gb hard drive

    • Ethernet port

    • At least 11" screen recommended

    • Recommended Device:  Student Yoga Laptop   



    • iPad Air (or better)

    • Recommended Device:  IPad Air



      **Additional Considerations**


      Please also consider any accessories that might be needed for your grant request including:

    • Cart or charging station for multiple student devices

    • Cables and Adapters

    • Cases for iPads 

    Refurbished and pre-owned devices will not be supported due to average device lifespan.

    The following devices do not connect to the ECISD network:

    • Chromebooks (regardless of the manufacturer)

    • Android Tablets (limited connectivity)