• What Internal Auditors Do

     Mandatory Audits
     Several annual audits are mandated by local policy.


    Scheduled Audits
    Internal Audit schedules and performs audits based on audit programs designed to provide an independent appraisal of school district processes and controls to administrators, the Board of Trustees, and external auditors. The audits include:

    • An evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes and the adequacy of internal control. 
    • A written report containing an opinion on the degree of compliance with government financial transactions; the adequacy of safeguards for school district assets; the efficiency of the unit effecting it's mission. 
    • The presentation of written recommendations for improving operations and preventing/detecting irregularities.


    Requested Audits
    Audits are performed in response to requests and provide the independent appraisal and assurance as described above.


    Follow-up Reviews/Audits
    Follow-up reviews are performed to appraise management of post audit actions and provide assurance that implemented changes adequately resolved audit findings. The reviews also ensure that upper management has been properly notified on the school district’s exposure related to unresolved audit findings.


    Asset and Safeguard Verification
    An independent appraisal of school district operations is provided through the verification of accountability, physical safeguards, and valid use of the school district’s assets.


    Consultation Services
    Internal Audit commonly addresses a variety of issues concerning school district policies, procedures, and internal controls as questions arise.


    Loss and Fraud Investigations
    Loss/fraud investigations are conducted to determine existing control weakness, assist in determining the amount of loss, and recommending corrective measures to prevent subsequent recurrences.