Permian High School Project

  • Construction at Permian started in December with the demolition of the Gadasalli building on the east edge of the campus. 
    Phase I of the project following demolition will be the construction of new tennis courts on that site.

    Phase II is slated to begin sometime in March. It will include demolition of the old tennis courts to make way for the new two-story academic wing. In the architects drawings (below) you see the new spaces will feature a lot of natural light and a lot of common areas.  As you walk through the building there will be areas with furniture where kids can gather and work together outside of the typical classroom setting. New fine arts and athletics space will also be built at that time. In fact, when visiting several Dallas-Ft. Worth high schools that have more students than we do, we discovered one of their biggest issues was fine arts rehearsal space. Band will have more students than any other extra-curricular activity in ECISD so construction will include a very big rehearsal area that can be used for many activities.

    The Big to Small discussion led both high schools to continue to develop the “corral” and “den” concepts they began three years ago. In these final drawings you see the areas designated as dens – six of them. Each den will house most of the classes for a specific set of students –approximately 650 in each one. Each corral will also have its own teacher work area, teacher lounge, and administrative offices for secretaries, clerks, counselors, and assistant principals. Students will leave those areas of campus for science classes, fine arts, athletics, and perhaps other special programs.The idea is to create the feel of a smaller school on a larger campus.