• Graphics Standards

    Please read carefully. This web page contains the ECISD color codes & various approved ECISD logos for download & use. Several different formats are included to best suit your needs.

    Use this color chart to manually set text or background colors.
    The logo colors MAY NOT be changed. Download these codes.
    Orange Color Codes Blue Color Codes Green Color Codes Purple Color Codes Yellow Color Codes
    Pantone: 158 C Pantone: 7710 C Pantone: 382 U Pantone: 512 C Pantone: 7406 U

    C: 3
    M: 68
    Y: 96
    K: 0
    C: 76
    M: 19
    Y: 32
    K: 1
    C: 40
    M: 4
    Y: 100
    K: 0
    C: 57
    M: 87
    Y: 30
    K: 12
    C: 1
    M: 31
    Y: 97
    K: 0

    R: 236
    G: 115
    B: 40
    R: 45
    G: 159
    B: 171
    R: 167
    G: 199
    B: 57
    R: 121
    G: 62
    B: 111
    R: 250
    G: 183
    B: 31

    Web: #ee7427 Web: #2da1ab Web: #a6c939 Web: #773b6e Web: #fab720

    Please do not distort the logo in any way! If you are RESIZING it, be sure to grab it by the CORNER first to do so. Also, sometimes need to press & hold the SHIFT key at the same time.
    • .JPG - These are high resolution, print-ready files with a white background. Easily resize this file smaller only.

    • .PNG - These are high resolution, files with a transparent background (but may have a soft or white edge in some instances. Easily resize this file smaller only.

    • .GIF - Use this low res file for the web or on your e-mail signature. Avoid resizing.

    • .PDF - This resizable PDF vector file is used for sending to a vendor/printer for things like mugs, t-shirts, etc.

     Right click a link & choose "Save" or "Save Target As"
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    ECISD-black-text    Download  Download Download

     ECISD-black Download   Download Download
    (Note: These may look blank until placed on a color background. The thumbnail is shown on black to preview.)
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     ECISD-white  Download Download


    educate   connect   inspire   succeed   dream
    (this font is: Cooper Black | copy from here & paste into your document)


    The ECISD Communications dept. provides these images for download and use by employees and vendors for approved publications and news media in their coverage of ECISD. No other use, commercial or otherwise, is authorized without prior written consent. For more information or questions please contact the ECISD Communications dept. at (432) 456-9019 or communicationsdept@ectorcountyisd.org.