• Reagan Scholars in Progress Supply List 


    Supplies needed by all grade levels (1st-5th grade):

    -3 ring 2 inch binder (The same binder will be used 1st-5th grades from last year) 

           (Mrs. Bland students from last year might have left their binders in her class.)

          (Mr. Gomez and Mrs. Hinesly students took their binders home.) 

                         *You may use a new one if you wish.

    -1 thin 3 ring binder (1/2 or 1 inches) This will be sent home each week.

    -1 package of plastic sheet protectors

    -1 composition notebook 

    -Zipper Supply Pouch (NOT a box)

     The zipper supply pouch will go in the ½ or 1 inch 3 ring binder.

     In the zipper supply pouch you must have the following:

                    -2 pencils

                    -1 Pink Pearl Eraser

                    -2 glue sticks

                    -thumb drive


    The following supplies are not required, but will be needed throughout the year by all the GT students. Your donation will be greatly appreciated.

    -Extra Glue Sticks

    -Extra Pencils

    -Clorox Sanitizing Wipes

    -Kleenex Boxes


    We are always in need of magazines for class projects. We would love to recycle your old magazines for you.

Last Modified on August 21, 2015