• Gaming & Logic Club

    What We Do

    The Gaming & Logic Club uses traditional board games, popular strategy-based card games and dice-based, table-top RPGs to improve students’ writing, problem-solving, leadership, teamwork and critical thinking skills, while in a fun, safe and relaxed environment.

    Star Wars   MTG   D&D

    When & Where We Meet

    Our club meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 4:30-6:00 pm, in either Mr. Atchley’s (237) or Mr. Lewis’ (J-10) rooms.

    Pathfinder    Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Our Standards

    Students are not allowed to participate in the club if they are failing any classes, have disciplinary issues with teachers, or if they exhibit behavior that is not school appropriate.

    Every 6-week cycle, students must have grade reports filled out by all of their teachers. If they are failing, have poor attendance, or have disciplinary issues, they will not participate in club activities or meetings, until the problem is resolved.

    Legendary    Munchkin

    Our Members

    The Gaming & Logic Club has members from all grade levels,  genders, backgrounds, interests and experience levels. We welcome anyone who is interested. Whether you are totally new to  gaming, or have been playing for years, you will feel right at home with our diverse group.

    Come make new friends, have a good time and learn skills that will help you throughout the rest of your life.


    What Our Members Have to Say About Us

    · “I learned how to be myself.” - Q. Suarez (Junior)

    · “It’s nice to hang out with friends, playing games and having fun.” - J. Williams (Junior)

    · “It’s an amazing way to learn decision-making skills.” - R. Thompson (Junior)

    · “It’s the only thing I would stay after school for.” - D. Mailey (Junior)

    · “It’s better than Skyrim. It’s more realistic.” - O. Kimble (Junior)

    · “The easiest way to make a friend since summoning a familiar.” - A. Reed (Senior)

    Many celebrities and business owners play table-top RPGs. Most of them attribute their successes to skills they have learned from playing games, like D&D, Pathfinder, Magic, Pokemon and Star Wars. Here are some celebrities who, you may  be surprised to learn, play RPGs:

    ¨ Luke Crane (CEO of Kickstarter)

    ¨ Stephen Colbert (actor, comedian)

    ¨ Mike Myers (actor, comedian)

    ¨ Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (actor, professional wrestler)

    ¨ Judy Dench (Oscar-winning actress)

    ¨ Ben Affleck & Matt Damon (Oscar-winning actors, directors)

    ¨ Jon Stewart (actor, comedian)

    ¨ Seth Greene (actor, director)

    ¨ Ronda Rousey (UFC Bantamweight Champion)

    ¨ Stephen King (author)

    ¨ Jenny McCarthy (actress)

    ¨ Nick Cannon (actor, recording artist)

    ¨ Kevin Smith (actor, director)

     Vin Diesel
    "Maybe because I'm a Dungeons & Dragons head, my approach to everything is a little more thought-out." - Vin Diesel