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    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Espa

    Sra. Ornelas

    Spanish:  2

    Conference:  1st  period (8:40-9:30)

    Room:   G-4

    E-mail:  roxana.ornelas@ectorcountyisd.net


    Expectations and Discipline

    BE READY-The student must be seated and writing down Objective and Do Now/Warm up  in their interactive notebook.

    BE RESPONSIBLE-The student must bring textbooks and needed materials to class.

    BE RESPECTFUL-The student must be respectful to teacher and classmates.

    BE PRODUCTIVE-The student must stay on task and complete assignments.

    ***Permian Policy will be followed if disciplinary actions must be taken***



    Each period will be assigned specific school supplies.  All the school supplies will be collected in the classroom and be used as needed for different activities.


    -50% Major Grades- Major grades consist of tests, essays, projects, and presentations

    -45% Minor Grades- Minor grades consist of quizzes, homework, interactive notebook, participation and classroom assignments.

    -5% Planner- Planner grades consist of 2 grades every 6 weeks where they must write down their daily assignment that must be completed before they leave the classroom.
    Looking forward to a Wonderful Year !!!
    "Embracing to the World with Language"