PAP Class Information

  • PAP Remind Instructions updated Fall 2018

    • I will be using Remind this year to send out reminders of due dates and upcoming test dates. There is a strict late work policy this year.

    Electronic copy of the syllabus: PAP Physics Syllabus_Moore updated Fall 2018

    Check Google Classroom for assignments and notes.

    Pre-AP Physics Syllabus

    Welcome to Physics! I am looking forward to a wonderful year with you. Together, we can do this. Please read the following information to ensure that we both have a clear understanding of the class expectations for the coming year.

    Physics is a math-intensive science course. It is meant to accelerate the student’s algebra and critical thinking abilities to the college level. It will be a very challenging course and will require much study time and a lot of mental focus. In order to achieve this, there will be ample opportunity to receive individual help in class and out of class.

    First Semester Content:                                     

    • Safety
    • Velocity & Acceleration
    • Graphical Analysis
    • One-Dimensional Motion
    • Vectors & Two-Dimensional Motion
    • Forces
    • Work & Energy

    Second Semester Content:

    • Momentum
    • Rotational Motion
    • Angular Dynamics & Statics
    • Waves & Sound
    • Charge & Electrostatics
    • Circuits


    Major grades are worth 60% of your six weeks average. Major grades may include tests, projects, major essays, major labs write-ups, and/or research. We will have at least 2 major grades each six weeks.

    Minor grades are worth 35% of your six weeks grade Minor grades may include daily assignments, classwork, homework, labs, quizzes, essays, exit and entrance tickets, and participation.

    Academic planner grades are worth 5% of your six weeks grade. We will have 2 planner checks per six weeks. Final exams are 25% of the semester average.

    Late Work Policy:

    • Day assignment is due – up to full credit
    • 1st day past due – 25 points taken off
    • 2nd day past due – 50 points taken off
    • 3rd day past due – ZERO points given

     I post grades in a timely manner, so it will be your responsibility to keep track of and take care of your missing assignments before the 3rd I will not accept late papers after that.

    Makeup Work Policy:

    All makeup work for minor grades must be received within one class day plus one day to complete the assignment. Test and labs (major grades) must be made up within three days of the absence. It is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT to get makeup work and/or schedule a time to make up a lab or test. Makeup work can be picked up in a designated area of the classroom. After you have missed class, check the makeup work area and check with me to make sure you understand what to do. Ask me if you need any help with this procedure. Failure to turn in minor assignments and/or complete and turn in major grades within the allotted time frame will be subject to the above late work policy. (Bottom line: You will not have 2 weeks to make up a test or lab.)

    My Grading Policy:

    Classwork à Homework Policy: When we work on an assignment in class and the remainder is assigned as homework, you will grade it / turn it in on the due date regardless of its completion status. Same rule applies if it was strictly classwork as well. The only exception is if you had an EXCUSED absence the day it was assigned and worked on in class.

    Truancies: If you skip my class (have an unexcused absence) for the day a daily assignment is due, then your grade will be a ZERO with no chance to make it up. If you skip my class the day a major grade (example, major lab report) is due then it will be considered late following the above late work policy.


    Correction Policy:

    For any daily assignment that you fail, you may redo it on a separate sheet of paper with the question and correct answer written out. If it is a calculation question, you need to show all work. Otherwise, you will need to explain why the correct answer is correct. I do NOT need to know why you missed it in the first place. You will staple the corrections to the front of the original assignment and turn it in within one week of the assignment being graded/handed back to you. Maximum corrected grade is 75.

    For any major tests that you fail, you may retake the test or correct the test for a maximum grade of 75. If you made below a 50, you will need to RETAKE the test. If you make above a 50 but below a 75, you will/can correct it. Corrections and retakes must be done in the classroom during tutorials within one week from the grade being posted, unless otherwise specified.

    Lab Report Guidelines: 

    You will be required to write lab reports for all labs. More extensive lab reports will count as a major grade, unless otherwise specified. We will use our first lab that we do as a template for how I expect lab reports to be completed.