• Dear Parents,

    I am eager to inspire a love of life-long learning and inquiry through several forms of literature. I hope that we can approach the curriculum together and enjoy a successful year. I teach English I and English I Pre-AP/GT. All classes will be exposed to various forms of Literature and expected to increase their academic capacity through systematic skills developed in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and media literacy. All students will be expected to participate accordingly and appropriately in classroom discussions, complete homework assignments, and participate in projects. The only thing that sets my GT/AP courses apart from the “regular” Freshmen is the intensity and depth of analysis, as well as the high degree of rigor and relevance of the coursework. Parents, I need your help to make sure that your child not only passes my class, but also takes away the knowledge and skills that will benefit them throughout their life. 

    If at any time during the year you have any questions or concerns about your child’s progress please contact me.

    • Phone: 432-456-2243
    • Conference: TBA
    • E-mail: whitney.nazario@ectorcountyisd.org
    • *NOTE: Please leave allow at least 24 hours for email or phone response.


    Please sign and return all 3 and 6 week reports the day after they are sent. I ask the students to bring the progress reports back signed the next day. Parents, please understand that I do this so that you are aware of your child’s grades. Parents, please sign up for Parent Portal on the ECISD website if you’d like to monitor your child’s grade more often. This program will even send email/text alerts to you if your child’s grades are failing.


    Procedures and Expectations: Please discuss with your child these specific concerns.

    1. Students are expected to follow the rules laid out by the ECISD Student Code of Conduct, the CHAMPS expectations here at Permian, as well as my own individual classroom expectations.
    2. Students are expected to bring all materials necessary for class. If obtaining supplies and materials is a problem, please notify me for a timely referral to assistance programs. Students will need loose sheets of paper, a pen/pencil, and their composition notebooks every day. There are other materials/supplies that are specified later in this letter that your child will need in my class, but these supplies will be based on individual lessons. 
    3.  Students are expected to show pride in their work, school, and honor ECISD policy. 
    4. Tutoring is available. A student who comes for tutoring will be expected to stay in the classroom in which he receives tutoring and should come to the session with specific questions concerning the subject. Tutoring is not a time to socialize; students who do so will be denied the privilege.

    My Tutoring Hours: Everyday 8:00-8:30AM and after school by appointment. Some days I may be unavailable due to various Permian duties, but I will notify in a timely manner. *NOTE: Your child has the option to see any English teacher for tutoring when I am unavailable. However the expectations are the same in every classroom and it is their responsibility to see me if they need assignments or directions.

    1. A student who has an excused absence has a period equal to the number of days he was absent plus one day to make up missed assignments. If a student has an excused absent the day a previously given assignment is due, that assignment is due upon the first day of their return. This standard applies to all work assigned before the student’s absence, including tests. Failure to make-up the work, whether that is daily assignments, notes, quizzes/tests, or projects, within the allotted time will result in a zero. It is the student’s, not the teacher’s, responsibility to determine after an absence what work needs to be made-up, to do so by the appropriate deadline, and to attend tutoring.

    *NOTE: Please do not interrupt class time to discuss needs due to an absence; the student needs to see me during tutoring hours.

    1. There should be no cheating on quizzes, tests, exams, no copying of homework, no falsifying of information, no plagiarism, and no discussion of quiz, test, or exam questions or format, nor any unauthorized assistance. The teacher will inform the student or it will be listed on assignments when work may be shared. Each student is expected to do his own work. No cheating will be tolerated; a zero will be given for the assignment without the opportunity to make-up and the parent will be notified.
    2. Parents: I do need and want your help in ensuring that my class is a safe and educational zone for each and every single one of my students. I do host my own D-Hall for some lower-level offenses, so that your child does not receive referrals, which stay on their school record. However, if your child commits larger offenses, or the smaller offenses persist, it is an automatic referral. My D-Hall will be scheduled through a parent phone call and the child is responsible for attending the agreed upon
    3. time and date. Failure to attend my D-Hall will result in a referral and the consequence will be determined by the grade level principal.


    Here’s a brief look at the literature that will be covered throughout the year. I will give adequate notice if/when your child needs to purchase a book. 

    • Animal Farm George Orwell
    • Mythology and You Rosenberg & Baker
    • The Odyssey Homer
    • Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare
    • The Alchemist Paulo Coelho
    • Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury
    • Anthem Ayn Rand
    • Short stories from the literature text book
    • Poetry (various authors)
    • Student-selected independent reading (Usually a library book. TBD in class)

    CHAMPS Classroom Expectations:

    ·        Be on time and follow the rules.

    ·        IDs must be visibly worn with the lanyard provided around your neck at all times.

    ·        Be respectful and polite to others as well as yourself.

    ·        Be prepared and bring your materials each day.

    ·        Be actively engaged at all times.

    ·        Follow all directions and procedures from the teacher.

    ·        Stay seated in your assigned seat until the teacher dismisses you.






    Major grades: 35%

    Assignment grades: 60%

    Planner grades: 5%



    One day: -15 points

    Two days: -30 points

    Three days: -50 points

    *No late work will be accepted after the 3rd day. 


    Supplies for English I:

    • 1 Composition 100 page notebook
    • Loose leaf notebook paper
    • Highlighters (2 colors)
    • Pens (blue/black)
    • Pencils
    • 1 pair of Scissors 
    • 1 Glue stick 

    Optional but appreciated for all students' use:

    • 1 box Kleenex
    • 1 bottle hand sanitizer 

    Project Supplies: There will be one project assigned each six weeks that may require additional supplies such as poster board, paint, markers, etc. 



Last Modified on August 16, 2017