Division of School Improvement

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    School Improvement

    • The Division of School Improvement supports the district's goals for public education by reviewing, evaluating, monitoring, and intervening with district and campus leadership teams to ensure excellence in education for all students.  The major responsiblities of the division include monitoring and interventions for:

      • the requirements of Texas Education Code(TEC), Chapter 39, Subchapter E
      • federal and state accountability requirements
      • data validation monitoring activities when data inaccuracies, data anomalies, or data irregularities have been identified
      • support campuses and information systems with monitoring the accuracy of data submitted through PEIMS and used in the state's accountability rating and PBM systems
      • support required interventions for struggling campuses by overseeing the work of school improvement as a required member of the Campus Intervention Team (CIT)
      • implement a more integrated process for continuous, sustained improvement
      • support struggling campuses by faciliatating learning of the Texas Accountability Intervention System continuous improvement process and ensure the participation of all relevant staff in intervention requirements
      • use performance data to identify campuses with performance concerns, participate in the needs assessment, improvement planning and monitoring process using TAIS (Texas Accountability Intervention System)
      • assure that requirements and submission are completed on time
      • serve as an advocate for the campus, communicates high expectations, a clear vision and focus on learning, a sense of urgency, assures operational flexibility and coordinates district support
      • support Title I campuses with implementation of school improvement programs under NCLB, ESEA, ESSA