• Goals of Crockett Middle School Visual Arts Program

    • To develop aesthetic values by providing students with the technical skills needed to perceive and interpret visual images in various media through realism and using the imagination.

    • To provide students with a sound foundation in the language of visual expression through learning and experiencing the art elements and principles of design.

    • To expose students to the design process, which is one of creative problem solving, and to help them to see the connections beyond the art studio. 

    • To recognize, distinguish and appreciate art and cultural influences of different cultures and historical periods.

    • To analyze, compare, interpret, and evaluate art of self, other students, and major artists. 

    • To enhance creativity, and to develop an awareness of each student's inherent creative potential.

    • To provide direction and guidance to those considering pursuit of the visual arts (career) beyond the secondary school level.

    • To foster a continuing interest in and enthusiasm for the arts, whether it be expressed through active participation or informed appreciation.
Last Modified on August 19, 2018