• Cell Phones at Bowie Middle School 




    Bowie Middle School now allows students to have cell phones but requires them to be turned off while in the building because they can be disruptive and distracting.  Cell phones can only be used outside the school building before school or after the school day.  Instructional usage of cell phones will be allowed in the building at the teacher's discretion.  Failure to comply with the cell phone policy will result in confiscation of the phone.  Confiscated phones can be picked up in the school office after 4:20 by a parent or guardian.  All other electronic devices will also be confiscated if they are visible and not in the "off" position.  ECISD is not responsible for lost or stolen cellular phones or other electronic devices.  

    School officials have the authority to search a student's possessions when it is in the interest and welfare of other students or when it is essential to preserve and maintain the good order and discipline of the school.  Also, this can include locker searches.