Student Records - FAQ's


    1.  LEP Files- At the beginning of the school year, please request your LEP list from Information Systems.  Then as soon as you have the list request those particular records from either their previous campus or the Records Department.  This is imperative to get the files for the campus LPAC meetings.  Please request these separately from all other student files.

    2.  Special Education Files- Special Education files are located at the special education building.  Please do not request those from the Records Department.  The request will need to be submitted to the Special Education Department.

    3.  Student Files-  As soon as you have your list of student for files that you do not already have on campus, check with the previous campus first.  If the previous campus does not have the file then send your request to the Records Department.  We will fill these request on a first come first served basis.

    4.  Graduation Files-  Files for students that graduate will need to be centralized two weeks after summer graduates have been added. Please make sure that you have the file in order with transcipt and test cards.  The test cards must be in the student file in order for a student requesting their transcript to have accurate information.

    5.  Inactive Files (PreK-8)-  All student inactive files must be centralized.  You will need to centralize inactive files by the first week of October of each school year.  This gives plenty of time to verify that the student is not returning.  Those inactive files will then be kept at the Records Department for the five year retention time frame.  Do not make a new file for a student that was once inactive and returns to the district if it has been within five years.  This student will already have a file.  You will just need to request the old file.

    6.  Inactive Files (9-12)-  All students that leave the district are considered inactive in grades 9-12 must be kept as a permanent record.  In an inactive student file that receives any credit the campus will be required to print the cumalitive record from Itccs (WAR3025) and place it at the beginning of the inactive file.  This is required to be scanned and treated as a transcript by the Records Department.  Again, this is a permanent record and must be in the file.

    7.  All Files-  All student files are confidential and are required to be kept in a secure location.  As your campus requests files and delivers files please remember that the person delivering must sign and the person receiving must verify that they have received the file.  These log sheets should be kept by both parties to have an accurate record of the student file.  Once a person signs for a file, they are responsible for that file.  You should have a binder at your campus to keep the logs on file of all student requests.




    Thank you for all you do!






Last Modified on March 31, 2017